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AI-enabled Gaming Characters will Play Games for You


According to a newly published patent, Sony has successfully programmed artificial intelligence to assist users in customizing their video game characters. This new AI program learns based on each user’s unique characteristics, which are gleaned from the player’s gaming account.

The AI profile begins with a simple set of habits, but as it observes the player’s behavior, it adds to them in order to make similar choices. The ultimate aim is to create an AI profile that plays games similarly to that character. The player may then choose to let the AI take control and play the game for them.

The patent also involves the potential of a game notifying a player if they are having difficulty completing a task that the AI can help them with. There’s even the option to mark such activities as being accomplished by the player with AI assistance.

Sony aims to ease users into the course of developing a personalized gaming profile that is exclusive to the user, allowing humans to trust AI to complete parts of the game on their terms in single-player and multiplayer forms.

Sony has also admitted that the AI character in the game might become stranded on some tasks. They’ve done this by providing the curriculum with online informational manuals that can automatically seek help. This guideline access function allows the AI to ask a large number of expert players for help in completing challenging tasks for the user. Rather than fully replacing the user and playing a game in their place, the automated program would not intervene without the person’s knowledge and approval.

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